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RIAO 2010-2013 President's Speech, RIAO-OPTILAS 2013 Conference, Opening Ceremony, Porto, Portugal. Monday, July 22, 2013.

Prof. José Carlos Marques dos Santos, Rector of the University of Porto.

Prof. António Fernando Sousa da Silva, Director of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto (FCUP).

Prof. Manuel Filipe P. C. Martins Costa, General Chair of the RIAO-OPTILAS 2013 Conference.

Prof. María Calvo ICO, Past President, representing Prof. Duncan Moore, ICO President.

Prof. Donna Strickland, OSA 2013 President.

Dr. Yatagai, 2013 SPIE Vice-President.

Dear colleagues and friends, good morning and thank you very much for your attendance to this lovely RIAO-OPTILAS 2013 opening ceremony.

Prof. Costa, thank you very much for organizing this 2013 edition of the RIAO-OPTILAS triennial conference; and for inviting me to join my friends in the presidium, and offering a few words to all the attendees.

Dear all,

We are a few minutes away to start with a new edition of THE TRIENNIAL MEETING OF THE IBERIAN-AMERICAN OPTICS & PHOTONICS COMMUNITY, the Eight Iberian-American Meeting for Optics and Eleventh Latin-American Meeting for Optics, Lasers and Applications; worldwide known as the RIAO-OPTILAS 2013 Conference.

The extraordinarily good idea of organizing a meeting for all the Iberian-American optics and photonics community came to live in 1992, the year all the Iberian-American people celebrated the 500 anniversary of their first mutual contact.

Twenty one years ago, our Spanish colleagues organized the first Iberian-American Meeting for Optics in Barcelona, Spain; the second edition was held in 1995, three years later, in Guanajuato, Mexico; but it was in 1998, in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, when we all decided to join the Third Iberian-American Meeting for Optics and the Sixth Latin-American Meeting for Optics, Lasers and Applications; in order to avoid for dispersion and to promote a friendly and effective collaboration among the whole Iberian-American optics & photonics community; in the Iberian Peninsula and the North, Central and South Americas. This decision gave birth to our RIAO-OPTILAS Conference, which is known as the iconic Conference of our community.

The RIAO-OPTILAS Conference has travelled since then to Tandil, Argentina (2001), Isla Margarita, Venezuela (2004), Campinhas, Brazil (2007) and Lima, Peru (2010); and after two decades now it returns to Europe, in Porto 2013; to fly back to America again for Santiago de Chile (2016); showing in this way its outstanding relevance and appreciation by the whole Iberian-American optics and photonics community.

After all those editions, the RIAO-OPTILAS Conference has become the angular stone of the Iberian-American optics and photonics community; and has generated many other collaboration mechanisms, like the Iberian-American Network for Optics; another excellent commitment of the whole community. The idea of integrating the Iberian-American Network for Optics was conceived almost in parallel to that of the Iberian-American Meeting for Optics, but its first Bureau was officially installed till 2010, during the RIAO-OPTILAS Conference held in Lima, Peru.

During those three years, the members of the Iberian-American Network for Optics have co-organized and endorsed several local conferences in Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Spain, Portugal and Venezuela; participated also with the International Commission for Optics, the Third-World Academy of Sciences and the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, in organizing the First Central-American Workshop on Lasers, Laser Safety and Laser Applications, held in San José, in Costa Rica in 2012; and most important, has closely collaborated with the RIAO-OPTILAS 2013 Organizing Committee to ensure the success of this, the optics and photonics meeting of the Iberian-American community.

As one proud member of the Iberian-American optics and photonics community, and on behalf of the Iberian-American Network for Optics, I would like to present a sincere acknowledgement to the University of Porto authorities for hosting the RIAO-OPTILAS 2013 Conference, and I particularly wish to congratulate Prof. Costa for leading this extraordinary local organizing committee; we are all sure that the RIAO-OPTILAS 2013 Conference will enforce the collaboration of all the Iberian-American optics and photonics community, and that this year's edition will be a remarkable success!

Our sincere acknowledgement to all our Portuguese colleagues and a warm welcome for all of you coming from abroad. Good morning, thank you very much.

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