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Prof. Pedro ANDRES’ inaugural address as President of the Ibero-American Network for Optics at the General Assembly held on Thursday, July 25 in Porto (Portugal) within the framework of the VIII edition of RIAO-Optilas

Dear colleagues and friends from all the Ibero-American countries,
Ladies and gentlemen,

I would like first to warmly welcome you. To start with, allow me to express that I certainly believe that a flourishing Ibero-American Network for Optics (RIAO to the rest of my speech) is crucial for American, European and, in general, worldwide optics. In my opinion, RIAO must reach the same level of excellence than other international scientific societies and networks with more history and tradition have already achieved. The Network will only fully take off when key Ibero-American optics and photonics laboratories, universities and research centers will embrace the need for a strong Ibero-American Network. Likewise, national member societies should closely collaborate to put into action the multiple benefits of a transnational network of these characteristics. As the new President I will be working actively to attain the above challenges and to improve the standing of the Network.

There are many potential benefits from a solid Ibero-American Network, as the organization of supranational Workshops, Conferences and Summer schools, the exchange of teaching and research experiences, the broadening of Ibero-American networking, the promotion of friendly and effective collaboration among our whole community, and, the most importantly, to have a single voice towards the rest of the World. However, it is clear to me that the network will be to a large extent what you (the members of the Ibero-American optics community) make of it.

Needless to say that I firmly trust in our community. My whole professional activity is a proof of this statement. Throughout my career, I have carried out several teaching and research visits to different Latin-American universities and research centers. I have co-authored 35 peer-reviewed papers with Latin-American researchers, as well as a huge number of joint contributions to Congresses and Meetings (the first joint article was in 1985 and the last one in 2013), I have given more than 30 Seminars and courses in Latin-American in academic and research institutions, and shared different common research projects with Latin-American colleagues.

Although at the beginning it is always difficult to kick off such an initiative, significant achievements have been already attained, although much still remains to be done. In particular, I understand that it is of primary importance to incorporate new national societies to the network. I am aware that this task will require a lot of talking and listening. In addition, I believe we have to adapt RIAO by-laws to conform better to the real situation of the network and its available funds, to verify the conditions suggested by the ICO, and, if any, to make easier the incorporation of new countries. In short, we need to strengthen RIAO both by increasing the internal links of our Ibero-American community of Optics and Photonics, and its external visibility. In this direction a common scientific journal and/or a technical magazine devoted to Optics and Photonics may play a very important role.

And to this end, I will seek the collaboration and good understanding with the members of the RIAO Council, as I consider to be essential to work together for carrying out the complex, but fascinating, task that awaits us. The new composition of the RIAO Council is the following,

Dr. Raúl Rangel for Mexico,
Dr. Andrés Márquez for Spain,
Dr. Luciano Ángel for Colombia,
Dr. José Luis Paz for Venezuela, and
Dr. Manuel Filipe Costa for Portugal.

The Council member for Cuba has not yet been confirmed. The position of Secretary is occupied by Dr. Efraín Solarte from Colombia.

I would like to take advantage of this opportunity to thank you Dr. Eric Rosas, past President of the network. He made an outstanding work to launch the network. I think we can never thank him enough for your effort and dedication.

Finally, I am sure you will all join me to thank Prof. Manuel Filipe Costa for organizing this successful 2013 edition of the RIAO-OPTILAS triennial meeting.

Thank you very much for your attention.

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